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Rod Loading

I recently started striper fishing with a Sage RPLXi 10 weight. This rod replaced a St. Croix Legend Ultra.

I threw a Teeny 450 last year which was a real chore for the St. Croix so I purchased a Teeny 350 to replace it. There was only a 1"/sec. stated difference in sink rate.

My problem is this: I find I have a hard time loading the RPLXi with the 350. Teeny's stated rod range for their 350 grain is #8-#10. I throw a Teeny 550 with the RPLXi, this loads and throws very nicely.

I know we all have different casting styles and I am hoping anyone out there has advice on how to better load my rod with the 350. I want to stay at ~7"/sec. sink rate so I really don't want to trade up to a heavier grain line or purchase another line.

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