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Stripping Technique

While on a striper trip recently my guide pointed out the way I strip retrive. I learned the rod-under-the-arm-two-handed retrieve when I first started fly fishing and it is my "auto-retrieve."

The guide advocated a one-handed two-strip-pause, two-strip-pause retrieve with the rod not under the arm. This has, so far, paid off on two occasions.

The reason for the fast hand-over-hand strip I constantly use finally dawned on me: I do this, more times than not, just to keep the fly off the bottom with the sinking lines I always use. I have started using my intermediate line more often now.

The reason I posted this thread is to help turn the large numbers of follows I get into strikes. I am looking for opinions on retrieve techniques for different baitfish imitations(speed, cadence, rod position, etc.)

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