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Un-sticking jammed sleeve-over ferrules...

Last year, a visiting rodster decided he would lube his ferrule with a light oil, before installation. He lived to regret that move, as he was able to force the tip section well beyond the Winston's specs over the butt section. It cost him the rod which broke during many attempts and personnel's ideas to unseat. Wish I was there. I'd have made him a low-tech "rapper".... a 1 x 1 x 12 bolt of Aspen, with a hole drilled one end the size of the tip section, a hacksaw slit to slip over the butt to mate with the shoulder of the offending tip, duct tape to keep the slit together, and *rap-rap* with a mallet on the bolt while holding the free end, with a buddy holding the rod along with you. It takes about 5 light taps, and the rod undoes. If no aspen, then another specie will be ok....pine, oak, etc. When using the harder woods, one needs to rap softer, and have the hole real close to the diameter of the tip's shoulder. If this tip appeared earlier in time by another, regrets..... my browser has limitations, and certain commands seem not to catch. I'm going to upgrade soon. Cheers.
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