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Don is correct about the Keough "Tyer's Grade" necks, they are exceptional values, and the Whiting 100's and Spencer's "Hackle Packs" are also very good values. Also there really is no reason for a tyer to buy anything other than grade #3 genetic hackle necks (which is what most professional tyers use) unless he is going to tie a lot of small, hackled dry flies flies in the #18-#24 size range. Most folks get caught up in the "if it is grade #1, it has to be better" syndrome when all they need are necks for tying #12-#16 flies, and a grade #3 neck is flush with hackle in those sizes. Therefore, instead of spending $60.00 or more for a grade #1 neck or saddle, look into getting grade #3 necks that sell for about $30.00.

I also take exception to what was said about all-metal bobbins. My favorite bobbin(and the favorite of A.K. Best as well) is the S&M, which sells for about $7.00. I have one I bought back in the late 1960's that is still in use after having been used to tie tens of thousands of flies and I've never had problems with it cutting thread (just don't use it with kevlar or gel spun thread).
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