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I hear ya man!

Been trying to "CATCH" a salmon here on the American and with all the snaggers (flossing IS snagging!!) it is quite difficult. Some of these guys have so much weight on that when they cast out the line hits bottom and stays still in the current. They actually have to coax the weight of their rig downstream over the rocks! I've seen so called fly fishermen throwing fast sinking shooting heads with 15 foot leaders and about half a dozen split shot at the end with a bead, purely for aesthetics I'm sure. They stylishly work each drift with that classic high speed sidearm rip about 15 times per drift, like they're setting up on a marlin with 200 feet of line out. About every 897th time they do this a salmon magically appears, clearing the water with a bead stuck in the side of it's head.

The kicker was last week when I tried to get into a lineup of guys, politely taking the last upstream spot so I could work my spey rod with no one above me, plenty of room to cast. A local fool walks up on the beach behind me and begins rigging up, then wades out and stands 5 feet upstream from me, my right side. I asked this fine sportsman if he hadn't noticed me casting a 14 foot spey rod and realized that I may need a bit of room? I explained that this was why I was up here at the end, so I wouldn't bother anyone and would have enough room.
His response was "How much room you think you need? I'm fishin right here, f**k off".

After he unwrapped my 15 feet of T-14 from around his head and plucked the barbell eyed starlight leach from his coat he glared and scowled a bit, but being a good 100 pounds lighter and head shorter than I, and finding me not to be in the most jovial of moods, he slunk off and disappeared.

I don't know why some folks mistake politeness and calmness for patience!
Life is but a walking shadow. A poor player who struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot. Full of sound and fury!! Signifying nothing. May as well go fishing!
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