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All good advice!

Another piece of advice is to get good bobbins with the ceramic inserts. Very frustrating when the cheapo metal ones cut your thread when a little tension is put to them. 15 bucks and well worth it.

I'd also advise you to have a clear idea of what flies you wish to tie so your local shop can set you up with what you need and avoid buying material you'll never use.

A good video is a valuable asset to the beginner. I like A.K. Best's videos.

One last thought, avoid the cheap hackle. There are 20 dollar capes out the that aren't worth a dime. If you know what flies you're going to tie you can buy small packs of hackle feathers from Hoffman /Whiting that will tie X # of flies. A good way to go if your just getting into it and can't justify several 60 dollar capes.
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