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Salmon River Madness

Spent the weekend up on the Salmon River. Stuck to swinging flies on sink tips and did 1 nice steelie that got off. A good day by my standards. Casting and fishing was very difficult due to a blanket of leaves in the water.

I decided to lok around a bit and went futher up river. I haven't ever used these forums as a place to complain before but I have to say something about what goes on up there.

In the middle river "fisherman" (and I use that term very loosely) were standing 5-10' away from king salmon and flinging tons of lead and snagging fish everywhere. The "fly fisherman" I saw were doing similair but are better at hiding it. I was able to get above some guys and you could watch there fly drift downstream on the oppisite side of the fish then magically it would come upstream and across and end up in the mouth. The wonders of dental flossing.

I then decided to wander up to the "fly fishing only section". I didn't realize that a running line, 15' leader, cannon balls 2 feet from the hook and a casting stroke that involves flinging the lead as hard as you can and sucking the running line through the guides constituted fly fishing. Mind you there were a few guys in that water who were nymphing with just enough weight to get down (you could tell because it didn't look like a depth charge dropping from a plane hunting submarines when it hit the water). There were even two guys who had split a chunk of water and were swinging flies. But of course I watched the yahoo brigade wade right through the water he was swinging in while peering through the water with polarized glasses looking for a fish in need of dental care.

I don't expect everyone to conform to my values. I know that swinging is not the most effective way to catch steelhead and salmon on that river. Many guys only get to come up there once a year and catching fish is a priority, but there has to be some degree of sportsmanship. Learn to mend and fish a nymph or egg with a minimum of weight. If you don't want to fly fish learn how to run a float. I don't know what the answer is but I had to vent.

I'll get off my soapbox now and tie some flies.

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