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Question Replacing cork grips and reel seat

Recently, I have purchased a well respected British Spey 15 foot 10/11 wt rod ( it must remain nameless ) with a sweet yet powerful action. The quality of the rod far exceeds the quality of the reel seat (also nameless) . Further, the upper section of the grip has a bulge about three inches below its top. I find it is uncomfortable and, more importantly, it is difficult to release shooting line with this bulge. I prefer a straighter grip such as on my T&T and Loop.
I have never buuilt a rod so perhaps my question is obvious. Can I remove the current grips and reel seat and replace them with more fitting and cosmetically appropriate items, without damaging the rod's integrity?? I would not plan to do this myself so could you suggest a person to do so??
Many thanks.
Stephen Asher
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