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Weed Removal

Here's a way to remove weed from your hook. There is nothing more frustrating than having to stop after every retrieve to take weed off . What I have done, and purly by accident out of frustration is cast the fly onto the beach and drag it several feet on the sand. This will remove the weed that is wrapped around the hook 90% of the time,usually on the first drag. I sometimes have to do it several times with large clumps. If the hook has penetrated a shaft you will normally have to use the old method of stopping and removing the weed by hand. The weed usually will be removed by the stiking the sand or a drag along it for difficult snag. Sure ,you will be casting more by the end of the day but you will have gotten into a rythim and have more fishing time. This also eliminates the frustration of removing the weed by hand and then droping the fly to begin your next cast only to find that you've hooked up again in the wash .
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