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RE:Overlining and crosswinds

Juro, there is another way which has been successfull for me and actually uses the cross wind as distance and direction benefit... I was practicing it on one of our rip trips.. I saw the method from Lefty's book. What I do on the cross wind coming in on the rod side is make a few side casts low to the right (I am Right handed). When I've loaded the rod (not fully) I immediatly move my casting hand close to the upper right side of my head and cast directly overhead. This makes the line and fly go high and over my head somewhat to my left as a result of the right hand cross wind. The fly passes harmlessly over my head in a hugh arc and actually drops in the water like a dry fly... then the line hits the water. I lose no distance and infact have shot the entire fly line since the wind is also helping me. As I say ,I started to practice this on a very light cross wind and perfected it somewhat later in the fall on some pretty nasty cross winds where I would have normally done the backcast method. It is also more comfortable and is certainly less strenuious than the back cast method.
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