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a few words from a "local"

Hi there everybody, my first post on this forum...

I grew up in Aruba, my parents still live there. I now live in the Netherlands (utrecht) and started fly-fishing about a year ago. Canīt wait to go home for christams and check out the fly-fishing in Aruba myself. As I grew up there I fished a lot, I learned from the native Arubians and allways fished with handlines and dragged out nets from the shore. Still everytime I go home my father and I both go out in our sunfishes (sailing) and troll in search of the better predators. Jacks are common and Cudaīs are all around the island. Sometimes a tarpon or other big game fish, but trolling wth a handline on a small 1-person sailingboat is not the best way to approach fish.
The bonefish (a fish I learned about through my interest in fly-fishing) is a fish we know in Aruba as "warashi", most fisherman donīt do nothing with them, as your english name allready says, itīs full of bones and useless for eating. When I was dragging nets, like 12-15 years ago, we used to meet and greet quite a few bonefish. They allways made a huge impression on me, we nearly ever caught one, they were so fast and jumped way high over the net. We walked out the nets from the shore (net is like 100feet long) and then made half circles back to shore. Then you drag out both ends and see what you catch, a great way of fishing when youīre a little boy. The exact place where we fished is not easy to define anymore, but it was North of the Holiday Inn and I would say it is in front of the Marriott hotel. It has a sandy bottom, but itīs not that shallow at all (approx. 3-5 feet) you wonīt see any tailing there and fish will be hard to spot.
I also am a fanatic diver/snorkeler, the strange thing is that you wonīt see bonefish that often when snorkeling (canīt remember having seen them ever).

About Permits, I never seen one of those before, we do have lots of jack-species, and in the waters close to shore you will find a lot of Palometaīs, a species that is called "pamper" in native language.
Anyway, Iīll keep an eye on this thread, can anyone of the more advanced fly-fishers around here give me some suggestions about what kind of gear/tackle/flies to use and which colours work good in the seaīs of my own island? I got a #8 reddington to go with me, is that heavy enough?
Oh, another thing to keep in mind is the fact that fishing is not really seen as a sport there, you wonīt find any shop to supply you with good equipment when talking about fly-fishing.... So take everything you will be needing with you and think about which items you will want to have spare.
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