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RE:Notes on Wader Selection...

Hi friends,

I have gone through a pair of neoprene waders, they were the Orvis Super Stretch 3mm kind. Expensive but OK. I had them for 8 years and used them a lot (pike fishing, float tubing, wore them day in day out on fishing trips in Alaska and Sweden) They are still OK, but for some holes that had to be fixed with Aquasure. I still use them but I'd rather get me a pair of 5 mm for better comfort when float tubing in the winter. Two years ago I got a pair of Orvis Clearwater Breathables. They are super comfortable but extremely thin. Last year when I went to Brittany, France, fish for atlantic salmon, my friends wife shrimpfly got caught in a wild raspberry bush next to shore. I offered to free the fly, made a step towards the plant, lost control and fell into the river after having been slowed down by the thorny bush. I remember fixing 72 holes in the left leg of the waders and there are still some more that leak. I learned my lesson well. I have got me a pair of Old Captain six-layer Gore-Tex waders from Italy (they sell them under the name Fishers Motion in the States) I have yet to find a pair of waders that is better built. Mine are custom-made: the usual kneepads of very thick material really wrap around the legs, offering maximum protection again thorns and other sharp or edged materials. The feet are made of 5mm material and come in a super comfortable design.I'll test the waders for good under alaskan conditions this year. One thing: they're not on the affordable side, over $400 (in Europe) for the custom design and about $300 for the regular model that retails for about $400 in the US.
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