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Originally Posted by canerod
the DomRep as so many other "third world countries" have exploited their resources in the sea to death just to make a living.
True, in part. I will not discuss world economycs here. All I have to say to this is that generalyzing is not the smart thing to do. I'm mexican, educated and decent (believe it or not), I have lived in the USA and Belize, traveled a lot, fished some places, and seen quite a few things on the planet. My experience? There is no better fishing in the world than in 3rd world countries. Let me tell you one thing, I don't know about the Dominican Republic because I've never been there, but my best fishing days have been in Belize and the Yucatan peninsula, before I got this fly fishing illness. Caught over 100 bonefish and permit on some days, wading in a completely lonely island, all by myself.

Big game? Hell yea, in 1991, Manzanillo Mexico, 2 sailfish over 100 pounds and 3 meters long in less than two hours. Tarpon: I invite you to come over to Veracruz Mex just to SEE the 200 (yes, 200) pound tarpon in the Tecolutla river. Still wonder if you can find that size or even close, near Florida.

Largemouth bass? I bet you my right casting arm the next world record is now swimming somewhere in a northern mexican dam, El Salto, Huites or probably Aguamilpa.

I think we've all seen crowded waters in the 1st world, where it's next to impossible to cast. The difference is that in the 3rd world, people fish because they're hungry.
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