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bonefish from the beach


all I have heard from friends and people who have been there has been very disappointing.

the DomRep as so many other "third world countries" have exploited their resources in the sea to death just to make a living. it seems there are some jacks if you hire a boat but then again I havent heard of any experienced guides who could take you out.

as you are looking for bonefishing from the beach without the big expense for a guide there is very little left I am afraid that is affordable.

I am not a big bonefish expert (being from Germany) but I have read a lot as I am looking for affordable do-it-yourself bonefishing all the time too.

the best option it seems are the Bahamas and Los Roques in Venezuela with Los Roques being the cheapest option. I'll be there next year myself...

In the DomRep it is mighty cheap to make an all-inclusive holiday but in the end if you are looking for good fishing it wont be worth it.
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