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I've got one of the earlier Bucks Bags chestpacks (circa 1993?) and love it for striper fishing. Pete mentioned not being able to see your feet easily, and that is an issue for me too - the slight separation of the two front compartments allows you to do just that, as well as see the line in your stripping basket. You wouldn't think an inch between pockets would be enough, but it does the trick. I just looked at the new design though (, and it looks like the distance has been reduced to maybe half an inch, so don't know about the new ones. They've also reduced the height of the pockets and i can't tell if they'll hold the super long fly boxes without a struggle.

I clearly remember someone at one of the boston area fly shows a couple years back selling a model very much like the one i have - i don't know if it was a Bucks knockoff, or if it was an original design that Bucks was copying for a while. If you can track down Chip Gouger (a ff guide on cape cod who used to own a fly shop there), he might know where one can still get them.

BTW, A couple of nylon webbing straps attached to the shoulder straps above the back pocket do a nice job of cinching on a rain shell / dry top, and the rear pocket is great for stuff you want to keep dry - i suggest a thin tupperware container for your wallet, cellphone, and anything you don't want to have to rinse the salt from. Hopefully the new design still positions the front pockets as high as reasonably possible, and they still drain well too - a definite plus in the surf.

As is often the case with well-made, "old faithful" gear items, i'm hoping to have mine forever in case the new & improved models have thrown the baby out with the bath water.
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