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RE:Chest Packs


I switched to a chest pack last year. I have the large model from LL Bean. The design allows you to tailor the setup depending on fishing conditions (primarily water level) and also allows you to use a wide variety of clothing underneath - something a vest can limit you with.

There are two minor drawbacks to this particular model: 1) is the distance it sticks out from my chest - makes seeing the next step a little difficult - but coordinated people may not mind; 2) when you open the pack it does not lay perpendicular to the body - I have seen some that open right up and give you sort of a work station.

I have been to the Bucks Bag website and they have a nice little pack that is sweet looking and that would be just the ticket for saltwater fishing. Hunters sells them too and they are only $29. I know you are familiar w/Bucks Bags and that they produce quality stuff - so I am sure this pack is a winner.

For anyone thinking to buy one for saltwater I would suggest getting one that is not to big. I don't think you need to carry that much for stripers and you can get away with a regular sized model.

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