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Scientific Angler Lines

I have used SA lines for years, but lately, about 5 years, I have had trouble with cracking, and the finish separating from the core. The company is good at replacing lines, but their replacements, in my opinion isn't any better than the original. The first line I sent back in 1998 was a Striper line, which they said was a Tarpon. They replaced it with a Cold Weather Striper, with a letter saying stop using a mucilage dressing. I will admit that the line stunk, but I never used a dressing. The Striper line that they sent me in 1998 did the same thing, cracked, and separated from the core. They just sent me another Cold Weather Striper, WF-10-S Coldweather, same line type that I returned in October 1998. Great company, except product in my opinion, isn't acceptable. Anyone want to trade a Cortland 444 Camo 8 weight for a new SA WF10-S ? I asked the company to let me know what they found about the line I returned, they, as of yet, haven't.
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