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Eddie (08-16-2001 10:29 a.m.):
I hope that you recieved the outfit as a gift, otherwise I would be a little disapointed that a flyshop would let a novice walk out of the shop with out offering to do the rigging. I think it could be a good idea to go back and ask them to show you how to do it. Nothing like personal instruction. If they are not capable(ie. not a flyshop) go to the best one close by and make friends. Important Tip: When seeking the best customer service (like help with rigging and advice) pick a time when the shop folks aren't too busy.

This isn't a bad spot for help either, Eddie
I agree with your commewnt regarding the shop performing for the customer, UNLESS it's KTP - I had spools wound while I shopped and even after EXPLICIT instructions as to the "hand" and the depth of backing on the spool, the Gomer doing it got it ass backwards and way unbalanced, so it met one side of the spool where requested and not the other. Which wouldn't have been so bad until I had to strip the damn things and re-wind them at home after throwing my hands up in the air when I looked at them and walked away to pay for them with this moron wondering why - even after my pointing out what was wrong. I wasn't happy and probably should have gone with the empties in the first place. Rant over.

For the neophyte, a shop should bend over backwards to accommodate you and have you walking out just short of catching a fish. If you desire to do these kinds of things yourself, there are plenty of combined years experience here to guide and assist you. Hope you have a good rest of the season.

p.s. - Just in case you bought this as a kit from someplace like Wallyworld, you shouldn't expect the abovementioned service unless the person working the sporting goods counter is overly helpful.
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