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I am going crazy

OK in a normal year about this time in April I am getting my fill of steelheading and actually start to look forward to May as a little break (not to much looking forward to it though). Well right now I am starting to shake, have weird twitches, an emptiness inside, mind is wondering, etc. I don't know if I can take this for another 6 weeks. I tried to feed my habit this last weekend on the Yakima but I am a bad trout fisherman right now and only got one fish. I think it had something to do with fishing dry flies down and across.

I know I may be alone but even though I don't catch a lot of fish I still need my time on the river. I admitted my addiction a long time ago I thought that was supposed to be the first step into getting better.

I may have to be driving to the Sandy or something soon so I can at least wet a line. Especially since I hear there are a few fresh summer run fish in.

Maybe I will have to set up my vise and have a way too many flies ready for this summer.

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