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This is was I heard and have always followed. Fluro to mono have the fluro be one size larger and use two more turns then Mono to Mono. For instance I use Mono leaders and fluro tippet. I use a 6-8ft mono leader 10 or 12 lbs, and corrisponding 12 and 15 lbs Fluro tippet of 18-20 inches and use a 6 turn blood knot. I connect the leader by loop to loop to a 40lbs butt section of Mono nail knoted and super glued to the fly line. I have never ha any problems with this set up.

That surgeons sounds good though I am going to give it a try. The only think I don't like about a sugeons is that you have to run the whole line through the loop. With a 18" tippet this takes awhile where a blood is faster I think.
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