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Hi Sean,

Thanks for the comments. I've tested the fly to see how it rides in one of my aquariums. The first prototype tended to lay on it's side as I had too much leg dressing (partridge hackles) the craft fur mouth parts were attached too horizontally to the axis of the fly causing the fly to want to tip over. By skimping on the legs (ended up being more realistic anyways) and giving the shrimp mouth parts and antennae an attachment point 1/3 the way into the hook caused the later versions of the fly to parashoot upright...BINGO!

I expect the fly wont be very stealthy being primarily made of epoxy...It's my hope that the likely loud plop it makes will be counteracted by it's increased attractiveness to fish due to it's realistic profile.

I don't think adding a weed guard (mono loop or otherwise) would hurt the ride or profile of the fly at all. It actually should be reasonably weedless anyways as it's tied in the bendback style (my original goal with this part inspired by Popovics Ultra Shrimp...thereby the similarity in the flies name). Tying up some with weedguards is on my "to do" list.

I've lately been experimenting tying the fly in different sizes and have successfully gotten it down to a size 8 and up to a size 1.

Thanks for your encouragement and interest,

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