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RE:Epoxy Butt Splice

There is an amazing new glue on the market that is designed as all purpose glue. A freind of mine picked a bottle up at the boat show here in Seattle a couple weeks back. It was $25 for a 3 oz bottle and it is made in Austria. I can not remember the name though.

I can not wait till we recieve our order of this glue. It is amazing!!!! We pushed a bodkin about an inch up a flyline to 'core' it, dipped 15 mono in the glue, slid into the line, gave it 30 seconds to dry and started to pulling as hard as we could; one guy on the flyline line another on the mono. We pulled as hard as we could including wrapping each end around screw drivers and pulled and pulled, ran, leaned etc. etc. and it would not come apart. Next we threaded the other end of the mono 1/2" into Tuff line (a spectra/dacron super compostire line). Anyone who has tried to knot these two types of lines together knows that it is nearly impossible. We coated the threaded section with the glue and began pulling again. After about 10 minutes and with the flyline wrapped around a screwdriver and the mono the same we managed to pull the mono our of the flyline. This was with each of us falling backwards to apply the most pressure as possbible. And when the mono finally seperated from the flyline (we gave up trying to seperate the Tuff line/mono connection) the mono had actually ripped out the insides of the flyline that were not removed during the 'decoreing' process with the bodkin.

My boss has been in the business for 30 years and he said this is by far the strongest and most amazing glue he has ever seen. If anyone is interested give me a call and I will send you a number to get ahold of them.

...and I promise you have no connection with this company at all. I just saw this stuff in action and realized it would be invaluable to so many flyfishers.
Ryan S. Petzold
aka Sparkey and/or Special
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