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RE:Epoxy Butt Splice

I use to use the braided loop connectors on 3 foot sink tips on my intermediate lines. Would shrink-tite per instructions. Than I would add Zap-a-Gap near each end of the connector. Would even place it aside in a vertical position, so the liquid wouldn't flow up the braid.

One day, with no pressure at all, the connector just slipped off the sink tip in my hands. My take on this problem was that the glue might have saturated the braid. It stiffens the braid and when the glue failed either by cracking or salt deterioration, the connector lost that Chinese finger handcuff action. Just slipped off.

Since that day, I now use big game mono and nail knots as my connecting system in saltwater. Don't know if this is an isolated case, but I changed just the same. If some strands of the braid break prematurely, the whole loop tends to fail very easily.

Just my thoughts.
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