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A new shrimp pattern I've been working on...

As requested, I'm posting a pic and basic instruction on tying this new shrimp pattern.

The pattern is still in development but here are the basic tying instructions...


HOOK...Mustad 34007 SS (tied in size 4 & 6 so far)...hook must be bent into the "Bendback" style...also...the point of hook is slightly bent into a "baitholder" configuration (should improve grabbing and holding power of bendback config.)

EYES...burnt mono

ANTENNAE...stripped grizzly hackle or Krystal Flash strands

MOUTH PARTS...small short bunch of craft fur

LEGS...Hungarian Partridge (pale speckled) stripped and palmered (two wraps only)...hackle bunched and wrapped into position under eyes before epoxying.

THORAX and TAIL...epoxy applied in two stages...Thorax first till set...then Tail (to achieve segmentations on tail sections...a single firm wrap of 3/O tying thread over epoxy when almost completely knots required as thread impregnates epoxy and stays locked in).

TAILFAN (optional)...latex cut to shape.


I mix my epoxy (on waxed paper) then draw a little scribble of colour with permanant marker beside the epoxy blob and immediately blend it in with the great.

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