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RE:Follow the Leader

Pete and SaltRon -

I use the perfection loop exclusively on all my leaders. The knot seems a little smaller than a double surgeons knot. This I find especially helpful with fresh water leaders that are usually longer, sometimes 12 feet. Many times while landing a trout the loop knot will enter the rod guides. Once in a while a fish will get spunky and make one more effort. The knot seems to cause less interruption from snagging the guides on smaller rods.

The knot gets it's name from the loop being central to the leader. With double surgeons knots the loop can be cock eye and not aligned with the leader. Don't know how they compare with knot strengths and it's not an issue because the tippets will break first.

For tippet attachments I use a barrel or blood knot if similar diameters. But most of the time a double surgeons knot is more dependable with different types of material or different diameter lines.
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