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Tying perfect loop knots on new leaders, whether on the water or trout streams, used to be a problem. Countless times, especially with smaller tippet sizes of fresh water the enviable would happen. By the time I finished the loop knot, the rest of the leader would be in a tangled mess. With three pound test line those knots were hard to get out. Just think of all the wasted time I spent undoing that mess, that I could have used for fishing. The windy days of spring didn't help either.

Now I pre-tie all my knots at home. All you do is unraveling about 8" of line at the butt end of the leader from the coil. Stick the rest of the coil back into the package. If you have a self sealing plastic package close the seal around the line. Tie the loop knot and coil that piece back onto the coil and reseal the package.

If you get leaders in paper envelopes with open tops, just put a paper clip over the opening to keep the coil in the package. Believe me it saves a lot of time and headaches. Keep it simple, than it's easy.

Any other tips for terminal tackle?
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