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A Reason

Good evening,
Flytyer, thanks for the heads up on this on-going battle, and I want to use this info as a case in point. There is a reason why we post this information. It only goes to benifit the FISH if we all take just a little time to support some of these causes. This information, the meeting schedules that I have posted over the last few days, are put here to keep you informed and pluged in!
So I encourage you, as the season winds down, and you are left with a little extra time, take up a cause in your local area, to help the Fish!
Join a group, clean up a stream or river bank, take your kids out and show them the intricate eco system at a near by pond, write a letter to a politican in favor of Fish.
I have said it before, if all of us just put in a few hours a couple times a year, it would be a done deal.

I yeild the soapbox

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