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i personally don't like rods longer than 9'... they make fish more difficult to land imo... but that's just a recommendation. if you have a longer 8 wt. bring it and fish it.

for lines i like a couple. for sinking line work, i prefer a rio striper line (350 grain). for floating and intermediate line work i like 30' shooting heads (i use the rio). i upsize the heads (fish a 10 wt head on an 8 wt.). i fish heavy leaders (15 lb) but keep them fairly short (9' with a floater is the longest). for dredging, a shooting head made from 30' of rio t-14 works great.

flies, i'm a clouser whore... so it's a chartreuse and white FLASHTAIL clouser. half and halfs also work great. for topwater flies i like a bob's banger tied with a trailer hook. find it slides far better than popper heads specifically designed for sliding... and will pop hard when and if you want it to.

i'm feeling good about the number of people interested.

i'll post more details as they become available.

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