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RE:Cracking head section on Cortland QD 325 line?

Juro, et al.-I've had several lines crack from different manufacturers the latest being the cold water striper from Scianglers. Most of the companies if not all will replace the line if you send it back (customer service). I've worked in the plastics industry for most of my life and know that there are many variables that can cause the line to break or crack-storage usuallly isn't one of them unless you put it on top of your furnace. These lines are probably made by an extrusion process and the temperature of the extrusion has alot to do with the hardness of the line, as does the amount of plastisizer that goes into it, also if there is any water in the material(humid days wreck havoc with extruders' products. These are the reasons why these companies want the lines back so they can determine the exact cause for the failures of their products. Price doesn't guarantee line failure, but lot number may especially if the problem was caused by equipment failure at the plant that wasn't caught in time to prevent some lines from being second quality marginally. I hope this helps- I type too slow for the amount of information that should be related about this subject. ronl
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