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thanks for the enthuthiasm.

the currents will always be an issue. my hope is that next year the further offshore fishing will be back on like normal, so there might be options besides the hard currents in the strait and just out from the entrance (and picking days off during these tides always means i get to fish out there.... yeh, a little greedy ). plus having the clave start on the 12th (friday) means i have an excuse not to work on my b-day.


the above dates are weekends with stronger currents if those might work better.

moonlight, as for kings... if the weather cooperates i think a trip to the prairie might be in order plus this year august seemed to be a productive king month if you could get through the coho (don't forget that next year the pink plague will be upon us).

as for boat rentals, i'm sure if we get enough people together, we could reserve the entire block of kicker boats at big salmon (of course, reservations have been unrelieable the last few years at big salmon).

i think that the cape would make a great base of operations and i'll talk to gordy about reserving a big block back in the corner i stay at. if we can get enough campers i think it shouldn't be a problem.

i think when buried in the snow this winter, i'm gonna look forward to sitting around a fire bs'ing about salmon and hoping the wind blowing is just the neah bay "harbor" wind

and juro, as i mentioned in the PM i sent you, i would be happy to work with you to have a raffle of some kind to help fund this great forum.

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