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RE:Cracking head section on Cortland QD 325 line?

Juro - I've got a plain old 444 sinking line from Cortland and no cracking yet. 3 years old. A cheaper line but no problems. All SA lines I buy crack, which is why I went to an AirFlo Intermediate Clear. I figure if it does crack I can return it to them because of the warranty. I think that no matter how much you pay there's going to be some cracking, sometimes it just depends on the particular line you chose off the shelf.

I have a Cortland Lazer floater going on 3 or 4 that is as slimy as when I bought it and no cracks at all. On the other hand I have a 2yr old Cortland 444 5w floater with cracks up front.

I just don't think you can win with these things. "You get what you pay for" isn't the hard and fast rule. Cortland might replace it though if you get ahold of a rep.
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