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Neah Bay 05

I'm already thinking of 05 Neah myself. I upsized my boat in anticipation of next year. My wife and I made our first trip over the 4th weekend this year and I was out there with Bob on the last day of the season. 7 trips total. Good fishing - though the end of the season was a disappointment compared to the season end of 03 (which was crazy with big fish). It's all relative, you get to the point where if you don't cast up a couple dozen fish with ease, you start to wonder what is wrong.

That's Neah Bay.

Low tide change times gave some of the poorest fishing, but as Chris indicates, makes it easier to get out.

Count me in for that and many other weekends of 05. I anticipate that there will already be 2 folks in my boat. If needed, we could accomodate another person in the boat.



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