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2005 Ocean Clave

there was some talk about a 2005 coho clave at neah bay. thought i would try to keep the topic on the front burner.

i know many neah bay lovers are out chasing other species far away from the summer tide-rips, but feel that it is never too early to start planning.

looking at the tide books and past history (peak fishing) i might suggest august 12th through the 14th as a great weekend. the tidal movement is minimal, which should mean calmer seas for small boats (less tidal current). the drawback is the rip fishing won't be as sustained, but i believe that's offset by the safety offered by less turbulent rips and a better chance for good weather.

i know it's really early to be discussing this, but i'd like to put together a first-rate clave that measures up and is a great opportunity to introduce people to world-class coho fishing and just a plain good time.

would love your thoughts and ideas. 8/26-8/28 also looks good tide wise, but numbers wise... first two weeks of august are damn hard to beat.

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