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I'm assuming that the WB's are in size 2,4,or 6, (maybe even 8's but they would not have much excess weight). So with all the prior good advice, if you want to stay with the same line, floater, shorten and stiffen your leader, combined with larger loops in the cast. Shorten is easy, buy a 0X or 2X 7 foot leader and chop off 12 to 18 inches then add back 6 to 8 inches of 2X fluoro. If you want to go deeper, buy a Rio poly leader (7 foot long) with a sink rate of 4 IPS or 7 IPS depending on how deep you want to go. I make a small loop at the end of the poly leader and add 8 to 12 inches or 2X or 3X fluoro in a loop to loop connection.
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