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Thanks To the Speygods

I'm so glad I was able to participate in the clave this weekend it was a great event. To be able to learn the art of speycasting from some of the best casters on the planet with some of the best spey equipment was a dream come true for me. Juro and Topher are true pro's in every sense of the word from their first rate casting and teaching ability to their never ending enthuisiasm and great personalities. If I can practice what they were preaching to me I hope to be able to handle the long rod well enough to bring some chrome to hand soon. Thanks again to you both for personally helping me.
All the sponsers were first rate guys as well and were happy to help you in any way from tips on where to fish in the area to how to rig up your tackle. Brian and Charlie's Gaspe presentation had us all drooling with the excellent photos of the area rivers to the jumbo salmon they were able to land from the crystal clear waters. Now I have another spectacular place I have to add to the long list of have to places to fish before I die!!!! ( and Charlie thanks again for the awesome spey flies and the cold beer- I owe you one ).
It also was nice to meet all the rest of the guys who attended as well so some faces could finally be attached to their site names. I hope to meet you all again streamside someday so we can share the thrill of a chromer intercepting a well presented fly with a spey rod in hand. Tightlines, Chromemagdon(Dan)
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