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A NEW event update

Recently added to the looong list of stuff for the drawings:

Very talented amateur bamboo rod maker Tom Bowden is offering a custom made "Caddis for Kids" bamboo fly rod, with all proceeds benefitting the Caddis for Kids donation to Children’s Hospital.

For this drawing, the winner chooses the taper that fits their fishing needs. The rod will be a 2 piece with 2 tips and will include premium components donated by Golden Witch Technologies.

Taper choices for the winning fisherman are:

· 7 foot 4-weight “Sir-D.”...a popular modern bamboo rod taper, developed by famous Rodmaker Wayne Cattanach from Michigan. It is a fast action dry fly rod; perfect for small trout streams. An interesting feature designed into the taper is a subtle “slow spot” in the butt section which makes the rod great for roll casting.

· 7-1/2 foot 5wt. “Dickerson 7613.”...a classic taper by Lyle Dickerson that has amazing power for its size. Dickerson tapers incorporate swelled butt sections that add stiffness while distributing weight in a way that makes the rod feel light in the hand. This is a very versatile rod for medium sized trout streams.

· 8 foot 6-weight “Garrison 212E.”...a taper designed by the legendary Everett Garrison, author of the book that started the renaissance in bamboo rod making. This is a smooth, medium action rod that’s a pleasure to cast and fish. The action is light enough for small dries and light tippets, but strong enough to punch out large stonefly and October caddis imitations.

The Winner will pick a taper and then the rod will be made “from scratch” starting with a raw culm of Tonkin cane. It is expected that the rod will take two to three months to complete. The rod will have premium grade components donated by Golden Witch Technologies, including chrome guides, nickel silver ferrules, choice of cork grip and reel seat styles, a wool rod bag, and a simple PVC rod case. The words “Caddis for Kids 2004” will be written on the rod as a memento of your donation to this great program.

This fine bamboo rod will be part of the items given away during the drawings at the 4th Annual Caddis for Kids Tie-A-Thon on Friday and Saturday, November 5th and 6th at the Avid Angler in Lake Forest Park, WA. For more information, please contact Don Johnson at or the Avid Angler at 206.362.4030 or 877.347.4874. Proceeds of Don Johnson's Caddis for Kids benefit Seattle Children's Hospital.
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