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RE:Sci. Anglers lines

None of these are really new. Sci. Anglers invented them about 15 years ago. They were basically a floating or intermediate running line fused to a 30 foot sinking head. The lines were rated in sinking classes (class I, II, II, IV, V) instead of grains. Orvis started selling them as the Depth Charge line about 10 years ago and they began rating them in grains when sold as Orvis lines but continued to rate them in classes when sold as Sci. Angler lines. Then everyone started making them and rating them in grains, so Sci. Angler is doing so now.

While I have no doubt other manufacturers are making comparable lines, I'm a firm believer in the Sci-Angler/Orvis lines and don't even bother with the others anymore.
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