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RE:fly line to backing question

Guess it's me who misunderstood! For line to leader LOOP, there are three ways to go...

a) nail knotted butt with perfection loop

Here's a nice pic of a nail knot done w/ a tube instead
of a nail (better)<!--http--><a href="" target="_blank"> HERE </a><!--url-->

The perfection loop can be substituted with a surgeon's
loop but the perfection is preferred due to small size.
It's the loop for the rest of the leader...
<!--http--><a href="" target="_blank"> Perfection Loop on this site </a><!--url-->

b) braided loop

Braided are the loops you buy (or make from braided
nylon). If you use 'em, make sure you re-inforce the
attachment with a nail knot or aquaseal or both. The
shrink wrap won't cut it around here!

c) epoxy splice

Strip 1/2 of core from end of flyline using acetone
dip. Shave to sharpen end of butt material w/ razor
blade (sounds hard, but it's a pc of cake!). Insert the
pointy butt into the core, keep going until 1/2 inside
the coated line. Apply a drop of zap-a-gap onto the
exposed core, presto! Not even a bump thru the guides.

OR you can nail knot, or epoxy splice the whole leader and omit the loop if you like.
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