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Originally Posted by Searun
I am spearheading a complete update of "Fly Fishing for Pacific Salmon" with my colleagues Bruce Ferguson and Pat Trotter. The first edition of the book is now 18-years long in the tooth and going out of prine when remaining books have been sold. The update is actually an all new book that will have a completely new chapter on fly patterns for Pacific salmon.
If you have a pattern or two that you have developed for Pacific salmon since the first book, or a classic pattern that you'd like to submit, we would like to see it for possible inclusion in the new book. To submit your pattern or patterns you will have to fill out a form that must accompany your fly. To receive a copy of the form send me an e-mail:
I will send you a form that explains the details of fly submission. I would like to have all patterns in hand by the end of April, 2004. There are catagories for baitfish, zooplankton, squid and crustaceans. Also patterns are divided up by feeding, wating period and fresh water, so there should be a catagory for everyone. Thanks.

Good Fishing,
Les Johnson
Be sure to private message me when this "new" book is out.

I have a question. I will be in the Brookings area soon.

What flies would you recommend for the King Salmon at the mouth of the Winchuck and Chetco?

What flies would you recommend for the first half mile upstream for both rivers?

Then for the Rogue, what flies for Kings and Silvers in the estuary?

Then what flies up stream and any techniques re fishing with them?

Thanks and good luck with your new book!

Then what
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