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Glass for the water I fish

The rivers I fish are quite tame in comparison to the big water out west. 100+ feet wide and not many obstructions to manuever around. I do like to fish when the water is high though and most folks are safely indoors tying flies. Although no - I wasn't out in the 150,000 cfs+ that we had last week
I have a Hyde High Side Combo. My perfect drift boat would be my Hyde with a bigger footprint to sit higher in the water. I would stretch it a foot longer and make it wider like the Clack 16' WF. I like the layout of the Hyde but it's a little cramped for me. (6'3" 275 lbs.) And two brothers just about as big.
It's a good looking boat, good warranty, well made,I really like the flat floors over the other boats, the storage boxes and rod holders.
It turns on a dime and the only other draw back I see is (which is a big one for me)
It can't "hang" in the current like the WF Clack. No comparison
It's fine in the flat water but trying to hold it back in a stiff current while throwing streamers to the fish up in the grass during high water is hard work.
I like the glass boats because they don't transmit the cold like the tin boats do in the winter.
A lot quieter also.

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