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RE:I think we should expand this area...

Re: Bimmini twist for inshore use - a 100% knot has a lot going for it particularly when fishing fine class tippets in the skinny summer shallows. I'd definitely employ it if I was looking for a live release world record striper on 4lb class tippet! I also employ it when using a short (~3ft) tippet on fast sinking line. Apparently the spider hitch is simpler to tie and just as effective but I've not practised it enough.

On another note, I had a few (four to be precise) failures of knots joining flouro tippet to conventional tapered mono leaders - good bonefish on each occaision. I tried both the traditional four turn water knot and blood knots. Diameters were not greatly different. In the end I just binned the tapered leaders and fished 15 ft made up with 20#/15#/10# fluro joined with water knots. presentation didn't suffer & no more failures. Cabelas are doing a fluro continous tapered leader - bit pricey though.

Where were we? - oh yeah Juro - you're right, we should expand this area!
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