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We need some important information before anyone can offer good advice to you on your question.

First, what type of fish are you going to be fishing for. This is needed because there is a huge difference in what is needed to fish for trout in small to mid sized streams; that needed for large or small mouth bass; that used for pike; etc. This is because the size of the fly being cast has a large bearing on the rod you should use.

Second, how much do you want to spend on a rod? or is it rod, reel, line combo (complete outfit) you are needing to be under a specific dollar amount?

Third, how brushy or overgrown are the places you are going to fish? This is needed to properly recommend a rod length. A small brushy creek with branches overhead is going to need a much shorter rod than a lake or larger river.

There are quite a few rods that are great values for those starting out, the Redington Breakwater is one. There are also rods by TFO, St. Croix, and Loomis which are excellent value, lower priced rods. Loomis even offers 4 different rod, reel, line combos with line for around $175.00 for the complete combo, and they are a great value.
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