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Question Need a good beginner's setup... any advice?

Hello! Recently I spent two weeks out in Washington state, and my brother in-law taught me how to fly fish. I know it sounds cheesy, but it was a dream come true! I have been wanting to give it a try for years, and I was finally able to!

Anyway, now that I am hooked I want to get my own setup. My brother in-law recommends the Redington Crosswater 9' 5/6, and since he is an avid backpacker strongly suggests the 4 piece. I have read a couple reviews online, and this seems to get good write-ups.

I live in Minnesota, and was talking with my father (who used to fly fish years ago), and he said a 9' would be too long for the midwest (he said because of the brush I should consider 7'6"-8'), and discouraged the 4 piece because because the action wouldn't be as smooth.

So, my question is two-fold, I guess. First, is the Crosswater the combo to go with, or is there something else that is a good beginner's set-up that may run comparable or even a little less $$ (but not a Wal-Mart get-up!), withou being something that I will outgrow right away? And second, as for size, will I be okay using a 9' in the Midwest, or would it be worth going shorter to begin with, and then upgrading to a longer rod down the road?

Thanks for any help you may be able to offer!

Erik Lundeen
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