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RE:Flourocarbon - how far up do you go?

Well Fred, having seen you with the flyrod bent all season I'd have to say you were doing something right!

Personally, I don't use any loops at all. It's a bit of a pain but I carry enough maxima pocket spools to tie anything I need right there on the water. The butt comes loose just about never, the taper is replaced occasionally but the tippet is undergoing continual surgery. I just use blood knots for everything after the nail knot or epoxy splice to the fly line. If I could figure out how to get rid of the bumps from blood knots, I'd get rid of them too.

Store bought leaders solve that problem but I like the ability to design my own not to mention the fact that tying one's own offers significant savings. Actually, when it comes to trout leaders I usually just buy.

Everyone has their preference for these things I guess.

Hey Fred, I don't know the Orvis knot and couldn't find it in "Tabory's Inshore FF" - are you looking at another book?
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