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You should do as one of the higher end surf magazines do now and have no destination or places articles. Helps keep the locals happy and makes people earn their fishing rights. Reports would be useless as fish are on the move always. Stories both fiction and non-fiction are a plus as long as there are no names of places in them. Boat safety is a good idea. Caught fish photos are a bad idea, out of vouge now but people, landscape, beach bait etc are great ideas. Fishing specific habitat and locations bad idea, too much stress being put on those areas already. Fish science sounds nice.

Better yet make it a nice artisan magazine about those who go to salt to learn for themselves the moon, the tides and rips around the NW. No how to garbage just the enjoyment of reading about those who put the effort into fishing the Salmon, cutts, bottom fish and steelhead in the salt with a fly.

good luck.
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