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Well I made the trip.. and I did manage one striper (not the world's biggest I should add) Unfortunately I arrived on the Cape on saturday Sept 18th to find it under seige by the remnants of hurricane Ivan. Spent the following day taking part in wife-friendly activities but got out to Hardings beach on the monday where I managed to lose what felt like a foul-hooked subway train when the my flyline looped itself round the button on my shirt cuff! Lots of funny looking blue-colored fish whizzing around my ankles when I was wading, could it have been one of these I hooked I wonder?

Tuesday morning I got up bright and early to find fish showing off the beach about fifty paces from my hotel room - it was one of these I finally landed.

So one fish to show for all my blisters (I'm more used to a 4 weight trout rod than the broom handle I've got for the salt!!) but I've got the bug now. I thought hard about getting a guide but in the end (partly because I'm cheap and partly because I rather like muddling on by myself in my own sweet way) I decided to go it alone. Perhaps next time I'll do it differently..

Anyway, thank you all for you help and advice, I'm going to go away and practice my casting and perhaps get back next year.

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