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Need a lot of helps

I am shopping for a 10 wt reel (for king salmon) and an 8 wt rod (for silver salmon et al.). The budget is $500. What I have in mind is that $400 goes to the reel: either Ross Canyon 6 or Galvan Torque T10. I like the look of the Galvan; it is a beauty. But what do I know? I am rather new to the sport. $100 goes to the rod for a TFO Series I. I owned one of this rod and I like it.

Alternatively, I can spent less on the reel, say a Lamson Velocity or a Tioga. Then, I can get a TFO ticr.

Which makes more sense?

The second question. I was told that the breaking point of a fly line is around 22-25 lb, so I should not use a leader that is heavier than 20 lb test. BTW, king salmon are not leader shy up here, so I will not use a tippet. I really want to use a leader of 25 or 30 lb test. The reason is that I do compat fishing a lot. I am afraid that other people will hate me if I play a fish too long (they may need to stop fishing). What should I do?

The third question. I like to have a loop attached or tied to the fly line by which I can loop-to-loop my leader. I like the loop to be durable; say it will last the whole fishing season allowing me to land about 30-50 king salmon. What type of loop should I attach or tie to the fly line? Currently, for my silver salmon fishing, I tie mono on the fly line to form a loop. I found that it is good about for landing 20 silver salmon; after that the colored plastic coat of the fly line would be peeled off, and then I need to tie another loop.

Thanks for your help.
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