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RE:Basic Leader Formula - A.J. McClane's

Here is a snippet:
CHARLES RITZ ON FLY CASTING : An article by Charles Ritz
Charley Ritz, best know for his charming autobiography A FLY FISHER'S LIFE is the author of a sixteen page article on fly casting in this A.J. McClane encyclopedia. This was written in the heyday of the cane rod by a man engaged in the production and sale of high end cane rods during the moments when he was not tending his holdings in the luxury hotel industry or fishing with celebrities.
The rest of the article is at:
He was a pretty amazing man. Being rich he had a lot of time to devote to his passion. He is mentioned in many of my, errr ... ummmm.... 'old' books. He was a true fly fishing pioneer in the spirit of Lee Wulff and Joe Brooks.
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