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RE:Basic Leader Formula - A.J. McClane's

Why has no one mentioned the leader butt in relation to the tip diameter of the flyline in use?

Trey Combs in "Steelhead Fly Fishing and Flies" says "The butt section is a continuation of the fly line taper by having a stiffness approximately that of the fly line tip."

Joan Wulff (Fly Casting Techniques) says, "The tip end of a fly line will range from about .042 in heavy lines (#10) to perhaps .025 for the very light ones. Use material for the butt section of your leader that is roughly two-thirds of the fly line's diameter. If you don't have a micrometer, use, as a guide:

.021 for lines #4 and 5
.023 for lines #6 and 7
.027 for lines #8 and 9"

A 40# butt of Maxima is .024. According to Joan Wulff that would be about right for a 7 weight line. Has anyone tried larger butts than 40#?

What are your opinions of the above?

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