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RE:Basic Leader Formula - A.J. McClane's

For trout or panfish in water without weeds:
44"-25# 22"-20#, 11"-12#, 6"-8#, 6"-5# then 30" of either 5X or 6X. This works out to ~ 10 feet Like Juro, all the lines are Maxima.

In weedy waters, or if I dont feel like tying a leader, I buy a 7.5' 3 or 4X leader, cut off 15-18" of the tippet and tie on a 5 or 6 X tippet ~ 30" long.

I've used some shorter leaders, for small streams, based on George Harvey's formulas that worked well but I can't find the formulas.

For salt water, where I am a beginner, I've used 36"-40#, 18"-30# , 12"-25#, 9"-20# and 6"-15# with a Perfection loop to which I attach a 12# tippet which has a Bimini- surgeons loop combo. A packet of pre tied tippets stays in my bag to minimize time spent tying knots on the water.
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